How to: Master your jump rope- double unders


How to: Master your jump rope- double unders


Start with mastering your single unders. Single under is when the jump rope makes one rotation underneath you as you jump. Progress until you can do one minute without breaking. Working on this is important because it builds endurance and allows you to really get the feel of a jump rope. 

Step two is focus on your elbows. You have to keep your elbows in tight and focus on the flick of your wrist so that you can stay upright.

Step 3- try jumping high and and hard and turning your wrists faster to get the rope around——- If you land on the rope that’s okay, keep trying.

Step 4- after you get one double under keep going and doing a few singles. Each time you try, try to knock out a single under until you can link a couple together.

Step 5-Link Two together

Step 6- Keep going until you can go for 1 minute straight. 

If this does not click immediately, you can put the jump rope down and practice something called penguin jumps, the penguin jump is where you jump up and tap legs twice before hitting the ground, this helps you feel the turn of the wrist and how you continue to link them together.

Think about going up and turning your wrists more than your elbows or shoulders. When you jump turn your wrists faster and just think about the rotation.

Have confidence and have fun. 

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