How to Stay Fit When You Can't Get to the Gym: Legs & Glutes


How to Stay Fit When You Can't Get to the Gym: Legs & Glutes

If you have been following along with our previous articles in this series, we have been talking about different ways you can stay fit even when you can’t make it to the gym. We have predominantly been covering the various ways you can workout with very little or even some case no equipment at all. Today we are discussing some of the best exercises to do for your legs and glutes while you’re at home.


One great exercise to get you warmed up is lunges. You can either do lunges while standing in place or you can use a larger open room or a space outside to do them. These also do not require any sort of equipment but you can hold a weight or weights (like dumbbells, kettlebells, a medicine ball, or a barbell) if you have them available. For lunges, you simply lunge one leg forward, squat down till your leg that is out front is bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, bring your other leg forward and stand up straight. Then do the same with the opposite leg. If you lack space, you can also do these while standing in place. Instead of moving your opposite leg forward, when standing up straight, just return your leg out in front of you to its original position, then repeat the process with the opposite leg.

Donkey Kicks

Another great exercise that incorporates resistance bands like the REX Bands is donkey kicks. This exercise is killer for your glutes. First, place one of REX Bands on your legs just above your knees. Then, get on all fours on your hands and knees (your hands should be placed about shoulder length apart). After that, while keeping one knee planted in place, try to kick your other leg backward and try to straighten it behind you as much as possible. Then, bring your leg back in and repeat. Once you are done with that set, do the same thing with the opposite leg.

Hip Thrusts

Hip thrusts are another way you can work your glutes, as well as your quads and hamstrings. For this next exercise, you can keep the REX Band in the same place above your knee. You will want to use a table or a chair that is about the height of a typical weight bench. You are then going to use that surface to support your upper back while your legs are out front of you, shoulder-length apart. To start this process, bring your legs in and bring your butt off the ground (your knees should bend in at almost 90 degrees making your body flat and parallel with the ground). Then, you will dip your hips almost to the point where your butt touches the ground, but before it does, thrust your hips and return yourself back to the starting position. You should clench your glutes on your way up for an extra burn.  

There are all kinds of great leg exercises that you can do almost anywhere. Calf extensions are another great way to keep those calf muscles nice and toned. Whatever exercises you end up doing, make sure to finish your exercise with stretching. We have a great article all about stretching and using fitness rollers to help with recovery. Check out all of our blogs for more helpful tips like these!

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