How to Use: The Trig Stick


How to Use: The Trig Stick

This article walks you through how to properly use the Victor Fitness Trig Stick. This muscle roller will help alleviate sore and tense muscles

Do you suffer from Delayed-onset muscle soreness also known as DOMS on a consistent basis? This will frequently occur after an intense workout that will cause a tensing of the muscles and can oftentimes be pretty painful. We have multiple solutions for alleviating this type of muscle soreness including our message rollers, but the specific product we are going to focus on today is the Trig Stick fitness roller

To those who are not familiar with muscle rollers, this device may appear very odd-looking and they may not know how to use it or why they would need it; however, this device can be an incredibly effective way to alleviate muscle soreness on your body. In this article, we are just going to walk you through how to use this fitness roller and some of the muscle groups it will be the most effective on.

The various parts of the Trig Stick

On both ends of the trig stick, there are handles. You will use those handles to apply pressure on the problem areas on your body. The middle portion is made up of 9 reinforced plastic gears that will rotate along your muscles. These gears will break up lactic acid within your muscles while improving circulation and reducing soreness.

Alleviate leg muscle soreness

Using the Trig Stick is very simple. The first area we are going to focus on is your quads. Your quadriceps are a very common area for soreness after an intense leg day. To use the trig stick, grab both handles with each hand, and apply pressure to the top of your quad below your waist. Then you will want to slowly roll the fitness roller down your quad till you get to just above your knee, then you will want to bring roller back up to where you started. This process can be done either sitting down or standing up. If you are really sore, this process can be kind of uncomfortable but your muscles will feel much looser when you are done.

This process is going to be the same for other trouble areas such as your calves. Calve muscles are very prone to getting sore after a run or from cycling so this device can be very helpful. Start applying pressure at the top of your calf muscle at the area below the back of your knee. Roll the trig stick up and down your calve and even try to isolate each part of it. Certain areas of the muscle may get tighter than others, so its good to focus on those areas specifically.

Other areas where the Trig Stick can be useful

Legs aren’t the only place this useful piece of equipment can be used. An area like your lower back can also be messaged using the roller like in the picture above. If you have a partner to help you, they could also use it to help you target other sore areas like your triceps or chest.

Now that you know how to use the Trig Stick, now would be the perfect time to add it to your gym bag so you can start alleviating that soreness and make DOMS a thing of the past. Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful how-tos like this one and take a look at the rest of our store to see the other incredible products that we offer.

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