Lifting Straps: What to Consider Before Buying


Lifting Straps: What to Consider Before Buying

The Victor Fitness VFWSGC wrist straps can be a great addition to your workout, however, newcomers may be confused about how to actually wear them or when to strap up. Below are some pointers to keep in mind before purchasing your own pair.

Tips to Keep in Mind Before Using Your New Lifting Straps

Can Be Confusing At First

With everything in life, there is going to be a learning curve with the lifting straps. If you’ve never worn lifting straps before, you might wear them incorrectly and in turn, not get the desired results. To put on our lifting straps, slip the longer end of the straps through the hole. Put your hand through the new hole so the padding is on your wrist. Wrap the excess strap around the bar and enjoy your workout.

One of the major benefits of wearing weightlifting straps is the increased grip control you get during your workout. If you’re looking to beat your personal record, but the bar keeps slipping from your hand, then buy a pair of wrist straps.

Know When To Wear Lifting Straps

Just like we said in our weight belt article, lifting straps only work if you already know how to properly lift. Don’t use lifting straps if as a crutch for weak grip. Build a stronger grip first before purchasing a pair of lifting straps. The more you can lift without straps, the more you can lift with straps.

When Should I Use Weightlifting Straps?

The choice to use lifting straps depends on your end goal and what you are trying to accomplish in a given workout. Not every workout requires the use of weightlifting straps, so it all depends on the situation.

If you are powerlifting, then maybe you want to use lifting straps for deadlifts, or if you want to conserve your grip throughout your work.

If you are a bodybuilder and the main goal is just to build and gain muscle, then the answer is to go for it! If you think your grip is hindering you from targeting your muscles, then try wearing lifting straps for better results.

Main Takeaways

Whether your goal is to break your own personal record or hit those target muscles, lifting straps could be a beneficial accessory for your workout. The main takeaway is it is all up to you whether or not to use them. Lifting straps will only be beneficial as long as you practice great grip control without them. If you are going to purchase and use lifting straps, be strategic with how you use them. Have a set goal in mind and you should be successful.

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