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  1. Full Workout Routine

    Full Workout Routine Full Workout routine  This workout is going to be a full routine designed to be done with minimal equipment starting with the warm up. Booty band activation and warm up Squats- do as many or as few as comfortable to fire up your glutes, quads and hamstrings. Squat pull downs- band around mid thigh, grab the tips of your toes and pull yourself Read more...
  2. Booty Bands are a versatile tool to help you rock your workout

    Booty Bands are a versatile tool to help you rock your workout Booty bands have become increasingly popular in the gym and for good reason. They are very versatile. Booty bands can be the only piece of equipment in your home gym or your warm up piece before you hit heavy sets. Booty bands create resistance and allow you to use your body weight to build strength. This is a high repetition work out the more Read more...
  3. How to size your Jump Rope

    How to size your jump rope What you need Victor Fitness Jump Rope Wire Cutters/kitchen scissors  A good beginner height for your jump rope is your height plus 3 feet. If you are 6 feet tall, your rope would be 9 feet long. Another great way to size a rope is to put step on the middle of the rope and bring it up to your chest. You Read more...
  4. How to Use Lift Locks

    How to Use Lift Locks

    Barbell clamps or collars are an incredibly important piece of equipment that helps ensure your safety. This article goes into how to use the Victor Fitness Lift Locks and their advantages.


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