THICK THIGHS THURSDAY- Booty Band Activation


THICK THIGHS THURSDAY- Booty Band Activation

Examples of booty band activation-

Squats- do as many or as few as comfortable to fire up your glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Squat pull downs- band around mid thigh, grab the tips of your toes and pull yourself into the bottom of a squat while pushing your knees out against the band.

Good mornings- placing the band above the knee and pushing against it, hinge at the hip until you feel your hamstrings get tight then slowly come back up.

Kang squats- Good morning-squat-good morning-stand- hinge at the hip and drop into a squat pushing your knees out against the band, pull back out of the squat into the hip hinge (like the good morning listed above) then stand straight up. 

Clam Shells-laying on your side with your knees at 90 degrees and feet together open your knees while keeping feet together to open up the hips.

Hip abductors kicks- with the band at mid shin, you kick one foot front and back quickly to fire up the muscles around it, then kick side to side, repeat on both legs. 

Using all or a combination of a select few will get you primed for your lower body workouts. Enjoy!

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